Thursday, November 13, 2008

go green

in the past eight weeks of classes we took object lighting. for our portfolio stuff we were allowed to pick two images that weren't required. for fun i decided i wanted to do a product shot. since everyone is "going green" right now i decided i wanted to shoot a green product and since my mom cleans houses i figured it would be nice shoot a product that would be good for, and help benefit her. so i decided to do a clorox, green works pro-mo.
set up

i was pretty happy with the finished product. the lighting set up was crazy, but the colors make me really happy. yay. green works. :)


Noor said...

You are so amazing. Wow... I love you. And I miss you.

RyanHarvey said...

Well done Hannah. Looks really good.

Anonymous said...

Nice job. It makes me happy and want to be healthy! Good composition and lighting!