Thursday, November 20, 2008

apple? its goooood.

this is silly. i know. but i've really had a thing for video editing lately. 
...well. actually i've had a thing for video editing for a few years. when i was in high school i worked for the media department at Calvary Church. i did a lot of video editing while working there which started my addiction. so im a sucker for youtube, as you can guess. anyone that can edit video really well makes my heart happy. like Parker Severns. his work has really inspired me, like, for real. he did go to school for directing though, knows tons of actors, and a lot of the time they right and sing their own silly music. pretty awesome. 
anyway... my friends and i saw some videos, decided to re-form the ideas, and make an opener for the one of the youth groups (Fluid Student Ministries) that we work at.

of course this is really silly. but we love it. and the kids we work with really enjoy it as well.
im working on another one thats more sound effects that people are making, rather than words. but thats been a lot more difficult, trying to make a beat out of silly sounds. hopefully that one will be up soon.

so be my friend on youtube (cappsthief)! ill have more stuff up soon. i want to get in the habit of having new videos every month, if possible. :)


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very odd Capps, but I like it. I hope we get into video editing when we have our multimedia class.