Monday, November 3, 2008

monster mash

so, friday was halloween. but even more exciting for my friends and i, is the saturday after halloween.
the taylor family, plus many helpful friends, put on a haunted woods for free every year in their back yard. that may sound pretty cheesy, but if you know they taylors, you know its not. they live on quite a bit of property in the middle-of-no-where stokesdale, nc. they spend at least a month building sets and getting props, lights, smoke machines, sound systems and much much more set up before they set anyone loose on the trail. this year, matt, daniel and i, with quite a few others dressed as zombies and stole the show. 

we had around 200 people come out this year, which was a pretty large number.
we had a blast playing our parts, having full conversations in zombie with each other in the woods. it turned out really great this year. 
we seriously can't wait to do it again.


RyanHarvey said...

you guys look disgusting. that is all

Anonymous said...

very convincing, you have the zombie pose down pat!!