Tuesday, January 27, 2009

full frrraaaammmmeeee <3

so lets talk about old school :) haha. literally. 
i have an interview on monday for a possible internship and so i've been digging through pictures of the past year to put together in a portfolio to take them. which took me back in time. 
it's amazing how long ago first year feels, when really... it was only a year ago. 

so these are some of my images from second semester. it's amazing how much i miss these images, or just feeling like i have the time to be creative again. sometimes i feel like we go so fast now, i hardly have time to even think, much less get a couch into the middle of a street. 
but i do love some of my first year images, it was nice to have an excuse to take some time out and look at them again. 

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Anonymous said...

I love the couch in the road image, loved it at the portfolio, love it now, awesome.