Tuesday, February 17, 2009

oh the dervish!

i'm not really sure where to start... cause, i'm not really sure where this obsession started.
the boys im friends with have started longboarding. i mean... all the time.
their brains have become consumed with it. every free moment. even if it's freezing cold. they're always longboarding. learning new tricks and making new videos. they've even come up with a name for themselves... 
that's right, they are the GreensBros :)
so anyway... i though it was cute and decided to shoot some quick outdoor personality portraits of each of them to give them something to go by! 

so these are the GreensBros.
i love them all dearly. truly. even the ones i hardly know. more than anything, i love their drive, and passion. they're always wanting to teach you what they know. they're fairly good at what they do (and by fairly, i mean some of them could owwwwnnnn on those things) and they're always willing to pause, let you jump on their personal board, hold your hand, and help you down the street. they love what they do, and their capacity for love doesn't end there, their love for God and for the people He placed in their lives is overwhelmingly powerful. i dare anyone to try to get to know them, and hate them, because it's simply impossible. 

so if you're ever hanging out around greensboro, down town, or UNCG, and you see a group with longboards, just shout out something about the GreensBros, i'm sure they'd be more than willing shout back :)


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with the series. I think there is something here in this young culture that is being unveiled in these photos. you should go further into this. way to get in there and execute. good work...

RyanHarvey said...

cool series