Monday, September 14, 2009

Your love is more than enough for me..

i never really got a chance to blog during my internship this summer, but this last week i was day dreaming about my spring/summer and i couldn't help but be completely overwhelmed with a sense of blessing. this summer was the most interesting, exciting, challenging, heart breaking, joyful, funny, meaningful, and the most intense growing experience of my whole life. i can honestly say i learned more working with the girls from Whitebox this summer, and had some of the most amazing experiences and chances, than i've had in a very long time. 

i was thinking back over it, and i got a chance to do all sorts of things, from helping shoot the amazing Henley Family at their home in greensboro...
to playing with puppies in atlanta and kayaking across the chattahoochee river...
to helping to shoot kristin and scott's beautiful nc outer banks wedding where we stayed with the amazing Brook Mayo in her awesome beach house that you have to go 4-wheel driving on the beach to get to! ...   
to helping shoot the beautiful Khirbi Kids in downtown greensboro...
Khribi family-2.jpg
Khribi family-1.jpg
to hanging out with the beautiful wright family down by the chattahoochee..
to helping Mel shoot for Thomas School Buses for an Our State shoot where we got to learn all about how they make the buses! and got to wear cool clothes, haha...
to soaring to new heights with the Tilly Family in greensboro...
to getting to celebrate with jen and yen, in durham nc, and getting to shoot with them in the beautiful duke gardens...
to having some fun with the beautiful Hawkins Family in Georgia... 
there were so many more things and shoots i got to help with than just these, but no matter what i got to do this summer with Whitebox, it changed my life and shaped my as a person just a little bit more. i'm blessed to have gotten to work, and train with such talented photographers as Sara and Mel. no matter if i was playing with my feet in the water at the lake house, to sweating up a storm shooting in down town charlotte, to spray painting letters and helping remodel the studio, everything i got to do helped set me up for quickly upcoming future. i seriously couldn't have asked for a better internship, and getting to call them a second family. such a blessing. seriously. i thank God every day for the people he keeps putting in my life. i just don't think it could get much better. 

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Hey poopie head!! How do you get your pictures that big on your blog? I always choose "large" but they aren't as big as yours. Maybe just different templates?