Tuesday, November 25, 2008

street art - NFAF

so i recently decided to start watermarking my images. i mean. i've been wanting to for a long time. just for my sake, but i've been super picky about what font and such to use as a watermark.


after thinking about it for a while i realized that i wanted it to be graffiti. 
not just any graffiti though, my brothers graffiti. so we talked, came up with the colors, and he hand designed my watermark in a few hours. 
i then scanned it took it into photoshop did a lot of masking and finally figured out how to make it work.
the end result makes me really happy, its just really special to me, because its my brothers art, and my art put together into one. :) 

the picture i decided to test my new watermark on is my Fine Arts 08 photo. 
RCC asked for my press release again last week, and bit more information about my award at National FA so the picture was brought back up in my memory. this is possibly one of my favorite pictures i've ever taken, even if there was no award.

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Anonymous said...

very strong work hannah. im very compelled by the compostion of this. just off center is what i like to just right. cool looking kid. i think i have seen him before in your photos last semester. right?