Wednesday, December 3, 2008


for thanksgiving we always get together with my mom's side of the family.
all seven of us cousins are fairly close in age and we all grew up together. zack, anthony and i were always called the triplets, because two weeks after i was born, zack was born, and three weeks after that, anthony was born. so us, the three oldest (the three in the middle, zack left, anthony right) are all now in college. jake, in the brown is a senior in high school, josiah and austin (from the left) are both sophomores, and blake, the only other girl, is a freshman.


it's a pretty big deal when we ALL get the chance to be together anymore. since were all so busy now, and we all scattered all over the state. i acctually think the last time i saw them all at the same time was last christmas? 
woo. yay for being together again.

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