Thursday, December 4, 2008

meghan's graduating!

so i've been blessed enough to have known meghan for....ever basically. ha. 
her mom used to work in the office for girls meetings at my church when i was really young.
but now, meghan is all grown up, and seriously, i couldn't be more blessed to call her my friend. God has such a true anointing and calling in her life, and He has blessed her with amazing beauty and discernment. it was an honor for me just to be asked to shoot her senior pictures.


she is beautiful, and i plan to use some of the images for my portrait class portfolio. 
i'm so blessed to have such amazingly beautiful friends, i don't even need to ask for models.
congratulations to meghan, i'm so proud of your accomplishments through high school and i can't wait to see what great things God will do through you at iHop and after that. 


Anonymous said...

wow Hannah these pictures are amazing, the lighting is great and I love the relaxed rural style.

Anonymous said...

Great job on these photos! the light on her is fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Hannah- These pictures are amazing! The lighting is great- great poses and I love the backgrounds! I especially love the one at the truck! You are so talented!

Nikki Harvell said...

hannah i love these! the lighting is awesome, and i love the backgrounds. You did a really great job with these. WOW!!

Anonymous said...

hey i really like the ones where she is inside in the white chair. those would look good with that clarity control in lightroom. bump fill and contrast it makes that kind of stuff look really neat. great work..