Wednesday, December 10, 2008

it's game day, baby.

it's last real week of school before christmas break, and everyones loosing their minds. for real, it's been pretty intense around the computer and print labs in the last couple of days. portfolio, final projects and exams have taken everyones stress up about.. oh... 100 notches. but it's been exciting to say the least. if my friend cody were in our class he'd simply say, "IT'S GAME DAY, BABY! LETS GO. get wrecked, son!" 
cody gets fairly pumped under pressure, and about things he's passionate about. 
cody ended up being my model for my long term project for my portrait class, and we had a ton of fun shooting. cody is one of those people that laughs, and you can't help but laugh along because it's so pure and happy. 
he brightens my day every time im with him. 

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cody is one of the most amazing people i know. his passion for people he loves and for God is amazing and im glad that he's one of my BEST friends. not only is he an amazing person on the inside, cody happens to be one of the prettiest guys i know. i can't express to you how thankful i am for the friends that God has blessed me with, especially cody.


Anonymous said...

Very good portraits! I especially like the one of with him holding the soccer ball. Its very dramatic.

Anonymous said...

very nice portraits hannah! my favorite is the soccer shot! very nice job on all of the shots!

Anonymous said...

Great long term! I really like the soccer image! Great detail, composition and perspective! Way to go!