Thursday, December 11, 2008

swimming in november.

in november we decided to take OFY on a fall retreat. so we went up to camp lurecrest, and they said that we were the only group they'd ever had come out that late in the year, which was very obvious by the fact that only two in twenty cabins were heated. despite the first frigid night, saturday, durning the day was about 20 degrees warmer. still not warm, but it must of been somewhere close to 50, which felt nice at that point.
being fall, close to winter, the camp had shut down and drained the pool. i got so excited when i saw the pool on friday night in the dark that i jumped on the idea of getting inside of it and taking pictures, and the guy that owned the camp was nice enough to let my friend alaina and i in to do a shoot on saturday afternoon.

IMG_1411 web
so, a little background on alaina. she's basically amazing. her sister, alexa, actually just graduated from school here with me in july. i have been lucky enough to know they're family for a bit longer than that, though. she is one of like... 13 in their whole family. and they're all pretty amazing people. alaina is graduating highschool this year, along with meghan and cody. i'm so thankful for her, and her pure heart, and pure beauty. 
i love her way more than she'll ever be able to understand. 


RyanHarvey said...

Well done hannah. These are really good. I love the pool shot. Great idea. I like the lines leading in and the leaf adds some character.

Anonymous said...

I like the picture with her sitting in the empty pool, good thinking!!

Anonymous said...

Very nice job Hannah! I am throughly impressed with your work. I admire how you have centered your work around the creator of life. Thank you for being a wonderful inspiration :D