Wednesday, January 14, 2009

boo school work, yay photo booth!

so... tuesday is like monday for the bio kids, since we don't have classes on monday this 8 weeks. but that makes it hard for us to get into working on tuesdays. so... while we were having a fairly rough morning.. i opened up photo booth to try and brighten up our day. who knew it would be an hours worth of distraction almost? ha.

so bonnie decided to come take some pictures with ryan and i!
Photo 26
apparently ryan and i like to take turns being asian. baha.
Photo 28
wendy took a few pictures with us as well :)

Photo 33
raahhh. hannahs a monster and scott is just plain confused.

Photo 31
Photo 3
bahahaha. thank you photo booth for turning our bad day around!

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RyanHarvey said...

Well this just looks like a ton of fun!!!!!!! You have some cool friends by the looks of it